New Customer Acqusition

How to cost effectively acquire the right customers

Capturing More Valuable Customers

Planning and Execution

CDG offers insights to boost your customer acquisition campaigns at every step

Product Mix

Different products generate very different customer profiles and profitability. Are your products competitive? What opportunities are available to boost portfolio profits?


Analyzing product profitability is a first step. Understanding individual customer profitability is next. With it you're able to begin fine tuning strategies and tactics by focusing on the profit impact of actions.


Finding new prospects and matching your best offer to each one is an analytic and technical challenge. Does your approach need an update?


Once you identify the type of customers you want how can you find them? You need to look internally and externally all while thinking about what channel to use.


Do you have the data you need to support quality decision-making? Is it accurate and complete? And is it structured in a way to support and ease analysis?


Once you begin to drill down into your customer data you can begin to suss out your most important and valuable segments.


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Loss Forecasting

The new CECL standard dramatically changes the accounting. Calculation is one thing; applying it to strategy is another. It's important to think about how this impacts your budgeting and financial forecasting.


Delivering a relevant message is key to guiding customers to choose you over your competitors. What messages will resonate with your most attractive prospects?


It's one thing to come up with generic pricing for a product or segment but how do you develop customer specific pricing that delivers value to the customer and you?

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