Leverage Data To Build Profits

We established CDG specifically to help our clients use information and innovation to build their businesses profitably. Our experience using value based decision making across a range of financial services positions us to bring best practices to your efforts.

Our services are customized to respond to client needs. We bring the right resource to bear in the timeframe you demand. We offer pricing arrangements ranging from per diems to a share in project risks and rewards. Contact us today!


Acquiring the ‘right customers’ means finding customers who match your risk profile while providing an attractive return on capital. There are many moving parts in this calculus. We help you sort out what steps are needed to raise the return on your marketing investments. Learn More

Customer Management

To maximize the value of each existing customer you must take and communicate actions relevant to that customer. We push your thinking to new heights with targeting focused on boosting value. Learn More


Doing the right things involves choices. It also involves assessing what skills and tools are needed to succeed. Learn More

Litigation Support

When circumstances lead to litigation draw on our expertise to analyze and quantify your positions and claims.

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As you learn more about us we will help you learn more about your business, its strengths and opportunities.
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