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Risk Management

Risk needs to be understood first and then managed. The levers to balance risk and reward differ by product and customer segment. Knowing when to push and pull can mean all the difference in the world.


The payments landscape is changing rapidly with many new options for your customers. Time to re-think your payments strategy? We can help assess your skills against opportunities to shape planning.


Learning more about your customers leads to understanding and prescriptive solutions tailored to an individual’s needs. Asking the right questions of your data can make all the difference between leader and middling performance.

Customer Profitability

You know intuitively that all customers are not created equal. But do you know which customers you rely on to drive your profitability? And have you figured out how to get more of them? Capturing and retaining your best customers pays huge dividends.

Data Use & Value

Are you getting the maximum value from your data assets? And are you leveraging your data fully across your organization? New entrants are leveraging data in new and creative ways. We can help identify opportunities and gaps when it comes to boosting value from data.


CRM is the roadmap for how you relate to and act on your customers. Customer Relationship Management creates real value for you business — provided you give customers what they want and need. We can help with strategies and tactics to retain your most profitable customers.

Who We Are. What We Do.

CDG stands for Customer Driven Growth. Our goal is to combine what you know about your customers with what we’ve learned that works to build portfolio profitability.

We bring our years of experience to the table to help you leverage client information to find and keep your best customers.

Thoughts From our Blog

Jeff Fread

Location, Location, Location

Where You Call Home Matters Following the Great Recession many property markets have rebounded nicely in value. But many homes, even some in markets with strong recoveries, still have loan balances 25% or more above market value. Bloomberg reports ‘These U.S. Zip Codes Have Highest Share of Troubled Properties’ based on data from ATTOM Data

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Jeff Fread

Winter Is Coming . . . to the Economy

Vanguard has bumped up its estimate of recession risk The New York Times reported that ‘Vanguard Warns of Worsening Odds for the Economy and Markets’. As with any economic projection Vanguard ‘emphasizes that this is a general forecast.’ They acknowledge that the economy may continue to grow and the market might go up in the short-term.

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Jeff Fread

Competing with Zillow in Mortgages

Zillow has purchased a mortgage originator, Mortgage Lenders of America, as a logical extension of its home finding information business. Zillow already pushes advertising for other lenders’ mortgage options (creating ‘hot leads’ for the lenders) presenting 23 million loan requests in 2017. By comparison, Mortgage Lenders of America originated fewer than 5,000 mortgages last year.

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Jeff Fread

No More PayDay Lending?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has proposed “legislation aimed at putting an end to current payday lending practices by giving some banking services a new home:  the U.S Post Office” as reported by CNBC. 15 states have effectively outlawed payday loans, limiting loan options for residents there. Allowing the USPS to offer small loan services would further

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Risk Management
Jeff Fread

New FICO Score

FICO has acquired start-up QuadMetrics and plans to leverage its “predictive analytics and security-risk assessment tools to develop an industry-wide ‘enterprise security score’ for businesses” according to the Wall Street Journal. A single score could be used both internally to assess a company’s risk as well as externally to measure the risk of its vendors.

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Recent Projects

Chart and Pad

Loss Forecasting

A large bankcard issuer wanted to understand better how credit losses would develop as it grew its portfolio aggressively. We identified major differences in performance by vintage and channel to build a layered loss forecast that they could maintain on their own and factor into future acquisisiton decisions. The new CECL standard will make accurate loss forecasting more important than ever for financial and strategic planning.

Profit Modeling

Several major banks needed help creating customer profit models. We reviewed each product to calculate monthly profit for each customer. Our clients were able to roll up the results to determine each customer’s incremental and total profit. This information can be used to assess returns on each acquisition and on-going marketing investment.

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Lead Scoring

Working with a retailer that generates a large volume of leads with a low conversion rate we helped them rank order leads based on likelihood to convert to a sale. Dealing with messy and inconsistent data learnings also focused on scripting and system changes to improve data capture.

Assess the Business

We reviewed and analyzed how a large UK card issuer was acquiring, on-boarding, and managing its customers. We identified a wide range of changes from the number of steps in a web application to existing customer communications and promotions all designed to boost acquisitions and CRM efficiency.

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